Meet our PoweR Girls!

23 Feb

No Friends? Missing Frasier? Lost without Sex and the City? Well, MTV is about to give us New York’s PoweR Girls. I fear this will provide a further boost to the numbers applying to study public relations. (Thanks to Tom Murphy for spotting this key PR industry development.)

Meanwhile, lest you think us all flakes and air heads, meet three of our PowerR students.

There’s Bettina; she’s from Norway and is a fan of the Beatles. There’s Rachael; she has food on her mind. There’s Lucy, who wants you to know that university’s not just about work, it’s fun too. And Joanna, who is now relaxing after her exams.

3 Responses to “Meet our PoweR Girls!”

  1. Jeremy Pepper 23/02/2005 at 10:36 pm #

    But, can your PoweR Girls multitask in a single bound? Jump small buildings? Rescue puppies?

  2. david parmet 24/02/2005 at 1:03 am #

    Damn – now everyone will know what it’s REALLY like to work in PR.

  3. Adriana 24/03/2005 at 10:03 pm #

    So is this like power girls on mtv so are millie and lizzie and ali and rachel and kelly have the same jobs as these girls?? And is rachel the same girl in this 1 then the 1 on mtv?

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