Christmas medium, Christmas message

21 Dec

We must all wonder why we’re going through the motions when we dutilfuly send a batch of cards out each Christmas. And yet, this year, I’ve valued receiving them more than ever. What about you?

Could it be that the post is devalued through the lack of personal letters in the rest of the year? Who looks forward to bills and bank statements? And we know that email has been devalued through overuse at work and abuse by spam.

The PR consultant who aims to send a hand-written note of thanks or acknowledgement each week was onto something. When new media becomes so easy, we begin to appreciate the old art of handwriting over again.

2 Responses to “Christmas medium, Christmas message”

  1. Jeremy 21/12/2004 at 8:04 pm #

    Richard, you bring up a great point: the art of the hand-written letter. It’s a dying art, and when I do receive hand written thank you cards and XMas cards, it raises my opinion of the persons.

  2. Can I Get A What What 26/12/2004 at 7:02 pm #

    Christmas cards

    Link: PR Studies: Christmas medium, Christmas message. This year we didn’t send out a lot of cards. I told my wife to send out e-cards instead so that we could save on the expense of purchasing cards and postage. After

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