Firefox up for a fight

9 Nov

The media loves an underdog, a David versus Goliath story. And so Mozilla Firefox, an open source competitor to Microsoft Internet Explorer, has been gaining positive notices in the press today (see BBC, Guardian).

I’ve been using Firefox for several days, initially through frustration with the security vulnerabilities of Internet Explorer. It has some good features: automatic copying of favourites and cookies from an existing browser; a toolbar for bookmarks (favourites); tabbed bookmarks; and live bookmarks for RSS feeds. This feature alone should help to make Firefox popular amongst bloggers.

Yet despite these advantages, it doesn’t yet get my vote. Its graphics loading is slower than Internet Explorer’s and I can’t work without Google toolbar, still only available from Google in a Microsoft version. Besides, it’s stopped working for me since I upgraded to version 1.0 today.

One Response to “Firefox up for a fight”

  1. Pete 06/12/2004 at 6:13 pm #

    There are several Google toolbars available for Firefox although none are from Google. You can find them on the Firefox website in the area where extensions are listed. One that’s not listed and which I’ve been using for a month or so is UltraBar ( which has all the Google services plus a dozen or so additional web, blog and dictionary search engines.

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