Bunny unspun

3 Nov

Who is behind Spin Bunny – an anonymous, satirical weblog devoted to the UK PR industry?

Could it be a rogue practitioner biting back? If so, there’s no future for this person in the business (since they clearly can’t stand their day job and will sooner or later betray a confidence in pursuit of a scoop or a joke). In favour of this hypothesis are the spelling errors on the site (not a journalistic trait): possy for posse, Steve Balmer for Ballmer etc.

But it’s more likely to be a journalist, already predisposed to take a jaundiced look at PR. Maybe the spelling errors are even a ploy to throw us off the scent. It’s most likely to be a journalist who has at some point had an unhappy time working as a PR consultant. As a long shot, I’d suggest Mike Magee of the Inquirer and the Register.

I’m willing to apologise if I’m wrong. But why the anonymity, Bunny?

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