Yes, but what’s it for?

4 Oct

I’ve just completed a news release writing workshop, in which I used this from Virgin Money as a (successful) example of writing for press publicity. Note how the story comes first and how the client is only tangential to the story.

A student looked puzzled and asked me to explain its purpose (beyond getting in the press). Good question. I took a deep breath and introduced the concept of brand building as a means of differentiating competing, me-too credit cards. It’s a maintstream concept in the US and is gaining currency in the UK – but evidently puzzled this student from the Far East.

Public relations works best when it’s subtle and indirect – and there will always be people (often they’re clients) who are confused or frustrated by this non-linear approach.

One Response to “Yes, but what’s it for?”

  1. A PR Guru's Musings 06/10/2004 at 2:06 pm #

    The art and science of news release writing

    Richard Bailey comments that this news release from Virgin Money is “a (successful) example of writing for press publicity”. He highlights how “the story comes first amd how the client is only tangential to the story”.
    He’s right, it’…

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