On brands and Beckham

20 Jun

John Simmons, editor of Great Brand Stories, writes a clear and coherent introduction to brands and branding in the Observer.

Inevitably, business was at the head of this development. Why use branding to sell politicians when it could be a tool of management? Companies knew they could organise the way they marketed products behind the idea of brands. Then they realised that this principle helped them to market the company itself and to build its reputation. Clearly, branding was useful for external communication, not just through traditional advertising channels but through other media. The marketing door was open and branding had rushed through it.

Alongside this, Brand it like Beckham by Andy Milligan is cited. If the advice given is correct, David Beckham has this coming week to reestablish his core ‘product’ as a footballer (his reason, remember, for achieving spin-off success as a celebrity, brand ambassador and pin-up).

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