Eau de vie

2 Dec

This is yesterday’s news, but it’s a strong story. Research from Brita has shown that drinking more water can help protect us from flu. It was picked up in the Telegraph, The Guardian and The Mirror.

2 Responses to “Eau de vie”

  1. Andrew Denny 03/12/2003 at 2:22 pm #

    This is the sort of sponsored research that gives PR a bad name and makes us cynical. I doubt they’d announce that drinking water *doesn’t* protect against flu.
    Here’s an idea. Why don’t companies *trade* their favourable research results? For example, Brita could announce that “Research shows that we’re careless about keeping friends”, while MSN could announce that “drinking water protects us against flu”.
    Then we might be more inclined to believe it!

  2. Zarry 10/12/2003 at 12:16 pm #

    Then again, too much water can be bad for you. Here’s some interesting info http://agriculture.about.com/cs/education/a/073103_2.htm

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