How to lose friends and forget people

28 Nov

Research by MSN shows that we’re careless about keeping friends. It’s clever, creative PR and it’s reported in The Mirror and The Times.

One Response to “How to lose friends and forget people”

  1. Richard Skelhorn 28/11/2003 at 3:25 pm #

    Yes, truly great PR!
    To be told that, during our lifetime, we’ll lose most of the friendships we make is indeed depressing, and certainly sobering.
    But, hey – it’s largely due to our increasingly hectic lifestyles, so this isn’t really our fault at all.
    What’s more, it’s OK to have ‘virtual friends’ and keep in touch via e-mail and text messaging.
    And what better service provider than MSN Messenger – the internet giant behind the poll! So sign up today!
    Incidentally, a story in today’s newspapers reveals that nearly half of workaholic Brits don’t take their full annual holiday allowance.
    The Teletext Holidays survey showed that four out of ten folk are prepared to sacrifice at least one day’s leave for the benefit of their employer, whilst nearly a quarter will lose out on a whole week this year.
    The moral of the story?
    Over to Teletext Holiday’s Kathtryn Williamson…
    “While it is commendable that staff are so dedicated to their jobs, it is not a healthy option. Brits have a reputation for being the hardest workers in Europe – but there is no excuse for them not to book a holiday.”
    Beats advertising any day of the week!

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