PR’s place in business

16 Oct

I note that there’s a newly-approved PR degree course at the University of Luton (see IPR press release).

Like us, they place public relations within a business school. Most competitors place it within a department of media or journalism.

Like Leeds, Luton is a town that grew on heavy industry, but is now looking to develop a post-industrial economic base.

One Response to “PR’s place in business”

  1. Eric Koper 28/10/2003 at 6:19 pm #

    The Public Relations courses at the University of Central Lancashire are uniquely located in the Division of Applied Communication, Department of Journalism, Lancashire Business School.
    This allows for a strategic and organisational focus with the added benefit of using excellent journalism resources for press and media activities. This allows us to develop strategic thinkers who understand organisational management, but who are also skilled in personal, group and mass communication solutions. It’s the unique mix of theory and practice that develop thinking doers.

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