Telling stories

9 Oct

Teaching sheds light on certain themes – for the teacher as well as for the students.

My theme this week has emerged as the power of storytelling. It’s BBC national poetry day tomorrow. Surely poems, with their rhymes and alliteration and scansion, were developed as a way of making stories memorable for audiences in pre-literate societies (the oral tradition).

Though we don’t make much use of poetry in public relations today, we still seek the memorable phrase.

One Response to “Telling stories”

  1. Colin McKay 09/10/2003 at 9:21 pm #

    Wouldn’t you say that poems are actually a product of a society with leisure time and a level of literate education? I would think story-telling traditions like the Norse sagas and Indian polytheistic mythology reflect pre-literate communication.
    These forms of storytelling also hold more relevance for the PR profession, as they are richer in detail and context, and depend less upon personal interpretation and cultural context.
    Just a thought.

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