Use abuse

2 Sep

Which would you miss most? The daily postal delivery, access to email, or your mobile handset?

My parents’ generation anticipated a post that contained hand-written correspondence, not just bills and bank statements. My students depend on their mobiles. My settled personal and professional circumstances mean that mid-tech email is ideal. I have even argued that it was email, not the web, that was the internet’s ‘killer application’.

But what if the killer app dies? Prescient voices are already talking about the death of email, dragged down by spam and virus attacks. For a view on the problem, and some suggestions about solutions, read this by Dan Gillmor and the many resulting comments.

One Response to “Use abuse”

  1. John Cass 03/09/2003 at 3:10 am #

    I’d miss my e-mail the most. But it does appear to me that now people are more aware of the dangers in using the Internet that we may be a lot more safer in using the medium.
    Here is one fellow that is doing something about SPAM and in the process helping to get the word out about his company.

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