‘How not to’ guide

29 Aug

Two bad examples of online PR are circulating.

One was a crude attempt to contribute a guest article to Mitch Kapor’s respected blog, an offer which went to several other opinion formers. Thanks to G2Blog for the link. Dan Gillmor offers a calm perspective on this, as ever.

The other was the PR attempt to promote a band by posing as a nine-year-old fan, recorded in Media Guardian. Thanks to PR Opinions for this.

One Response to “‘How not to’ guide”

  1. Huxley75 30/08/2003 at 2:02 pm #

    Saw this coming…I just recently wrote about this on my blog and, although some people don’t think that PR people will ever really get blogs, I think they eventually will and then the dynamic of the medium (e.g. the way people view the Internet) will change.

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