Anti-spin allies

10 Aug

It’s not that surprising that a journalist should campaign against spin, though it’s notable when it takes the form of a soon-to-launch anti-spin website. But he’s picked a surprising ally in Anne Gregory, president-elect of the IPR and Britain’s only professor of public relations. Patrick Weever explains what’s going on in today’s Observer newspaper.

One Response to “Anti-spin allies”

  1. Patrick Weever 14/08/2003 at 9:46 pm #

    Hi Richard,
    Thank you for your mention of the Anne Gregory campaign. Hope you will take a moment to glance at, particularly the Alert! page where the Gregory story is set out in more detail (maybe even too much detail!).
    I do think it is a really important campaign and an immensely brave stand by Anne Gregory and I hope you and your readers will support her and maybe even join the battle to spread the struggle to other countries.
    If every reader would take just one country and persuade just one major editor and one major PR firm in that country to work for an inter-disciplinary Press-PR forum on spin, and with ordinary people joining in, something really important might be accomplished.
    Indeed just the sheer commitment to the effort would mean something important was already accomplished.
    kind regards,

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